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Herb Weiner

These prices don't include shipping, and I'm not sure whether Ken has the mounts in stock. Check with Ken (contact info on website) for exact prices.


On May 29, 2019, at 9:41 PM, kc7pmu@... wrote:

What is complete list of equipment required for a node?  
Equipment page needs to have complete example configurations.

1. LHG XL HP5                  $79  -- from Oregon HamWAN
2. LHG mount                      15  -- from Oregon HamWAN
3. 50 ft Ethernet cable          43 -- from Amazon
4. Some sort of WiFi Access Point or switch to  attach to my network
5. Is PoE supply included with dish package or is there a different place to acquire that?
6. A mast, building, towers, or balloon to hoist the unit to a suitable elevation

So I need to pay the $94 via PayPal to the donation link and order the CAT6 outdoor cable from Amazon?

Paul Thutt

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