Trying to get on the network, but scanning is not showing anything


Hey all, 

So I picked up one of the MikroTik systems at SeaPac this year, and have been getting it configured these last couple of days.
I have it mounted on a mast in my backyard about 18ft up off the ground. My location is (45.569, -122.6170) and I have it pointed at roughly 45 degrees. There is no tilt applied to it currently, but I do have the bracket that can add a bit to it.

I feel like I should have direct line-of-sight to Larch Mtn, but so far nothing is showing up when I run /interface wireless scan 0
I configured my MikroTik using the script found here:

I can take photos tomorrow of my installation. I don't think there are any obstructions in the way (I can see Washington easily from my roof).

Does anyone have suggestions on what I may have configured incorrectly, or perhaps that I should change with my install?

Evan K7FOS

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