Re: Trying to get on the network, but scanning is not showing anything

Herb Weiner


I apologize for the delay in responding to your question. I was out of town for the past several days.

The signal from the dish is roughly 6 degrees wide / high. So even a very slight change in direction horizontally or vertically can make a make or break your connection. You really need to be able to aim your antenna while the wireless scan is running in order to optimize the aiming.

Also be aware that due to the fresnel effect, even power lines running through the path of the signal can interfere with reception.

I would recommend testing your system at Council Crest or some other location with known good reception. I can assist you with this later this week, if you would like.


On Jul 18, 2019, at 9:48 PM, contact@... wrote:

Hey all, 

So I picked up one of the MikroTik systems at SeaPac this year, and have been getting it configured these last couple of days.
I have it mounted on a mast in my backyard about 18ft up off the ground. My location is (45.569, -122.6170) and I have it pointed at roughly 45 degrees. There is no tilt applied to it currently, but I do have the bracket that can add a bit to it.

I feel like I should have direct line-of-sight to Larch Mtn, but so far nothing is showing up when I run /interface wireless scan 0
I configured my MikroTik using the script found here:

I can take photos tomorrow of my installation. I don't think there are any obstructions in the way (I can see Washington easily from my roof).

Does anyone have suggestions on what I may have configured incorrectly, or perhaps that I should change with my install?

Evan K7FOS

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