Re: Reminder: Oregon HamWAN Status and Planning Meeting TODAY, Wednesday, December 1, 7:00 PM Pacific Time

Herb Weiner

Sorry you missed the meeting, Chris.

Ken announced that we are no longer planning to deploy HamWAN in Oregon, pending the approval of ARDC (which provided the $88K grant).

Our current plan is to support the deployment of Willamette Valley Mesh AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network). You can find more information about the Willamette Valley Mesh Network here: .

There are a number of reasons for this decision, including cost and availability of equipment, availability of volunteers with the necessary technical expertise, support by county emergency managers, the shutdown of the PSDR (Puget Sound Data Ring) HamWAN site at Larch Mountain, etc.


On Dec 2, 2021, at 8:58 AM, Chris Arnesen <chris@...> wrote:

Sorry I missed the meeting! I get digest group emails, so the reminder didn't come through until this morning.

Is there a recording or notes available? Thanks!
Chris Arnesen, KU7PDX
Hillsboro, Oregon

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