Network Design and Implementation...

Eric Johnson, N7ENG

I have been pondering over what is needed for backbone connectivity, design, and implementation
There are a couple of technologies that will need to be configured on sector "Routers", and on "Edge Routers".
The first is BGP and provider peering.
OregonHamWan (Known as OHW) is able to announce their 44.26.102.x assigned number through Seattle BGP peer.

BGP: In time we should also announce it through a Portland BGP peer.
Below is a good document outlining BGP and the roll it takes.

OSPF: Once inside the network, the IP Addresses need to know where to route (What actual sector the are assigned to) for example... could be physically located on a Salem sector antenna, the edge router will need to know route to Salem over P2P PDX 2 Salem, then route to sector antenna 120DEG.
Below is a good design document on this.

Once we have a "Ring" say PDX to Salem, to Goat Mt. There should be redundancy within the network.
VRRP: "Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol" or HSRP: "Hot Standby Router Protocol" would be a redundancy technology such that the local "Default Gateway" would have redundancy.
This is where there are Two routers that have a physical IP address, and a virtual IP Address. The virtual IP Address is where all the local subnet IP devices point their traffic to get out of the local subnet.
If one physical router goes down, the secondary router takes over routing packets for the local subnet.

This is all I have now, perhaps ill set up a few labs using EVE-NG, to demonstrate all the above technologies. I have also successfully peered Microtik routers with Cisco over BGP. That was fun!
If anybody is interested in playing with a virtual routing and switching lab, EVE-NG is the way to go.

That's all I have for now.
Eric N7ENG


Great work Eric.  Could you bring a sketch of your suggested network diagram for a typical Cell and Data Center including ip schema and router/switch services needed to the Sat morn meeting? We need to formulate a Network Diagram and you seem to have a good handle on what's needed.